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With a view to increase the stakeholders’ worth and value by creating value added services, tailor made realty projects, suitably meeting the needs of customers with efficiency and reliability, Dreamz MET Construction has been operational with all case and is able to sustain its growth.

We take responsibilities for efficient services, safety and satisfaction to our clients and other end-users. The Corporate philosophy of the Company leads to careful and methodical consideration of the environmental values against each project.

Two prestigious properties at Santiniketan, Dreamz Khoyai Resort and Dreamz Khushi Niwas are already operating successfully and being reckoned with dignity for their architectural design, beautiful ambience and comfortable amenities.

The Company is looking forward for making residential complexes at Shantiniketan which will enhance the organisation's brand name in future.

Dreamz Khoyai Resort Office

Bolepur, Shyambati Bazar, Birbhum
Ph: 03463261239 / 963594061